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Concurrent is a fully featured live transcription application for the hearing impaired.

Enhanced Conversation Voice Processing

Concurrent is able to detect and transcribe voices in almost any noise enviroment.

Improve Live Transcription Accuracy

Invite friends easily with a text to use the app to increase computing power and sharing of microphones on devices.

Conversation Catchup

Were you present but missed some of the conversation? Go back in time and see what you missed. Concurrent is always listening.

Case Studies

Ways Concurrent can improve lives.

Water Sports

A waterproof case for your phone is a lot cheaper than a pair of waterproof hearing aids.


Bring the old folks back into the conversation.


Enhance childhood development, learning, avoid confusion.


An idea by Spencer Shell.

  • 2015-Present


    This idea was born during an ideation session at
    N I G H T S H I F T

  • Future

    A Product is Born

    Hopefully this product will be built at
    N I G H T S H I F T

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Our Amazing Team

some of the people that can make this happen

Spencer Shell

Lead Designer

Night Shift

Tech Incubator


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